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Memory Block has been at the forefront of the instant photo block printing industry since its establishment. Starting out as a small family-owned business six years ago, we have since witnessed remarkable growth over the years. Today, Memory Block stands as the global leader in Wooden Block Printing, with a presence in over 80 locations across Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, United states, Mexico, Canada, Malta, Taiwan ,Singapore and the UK.

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Franchise Offering

At MemoryBlock, we believe that a true partnership is the secret to success, and at the end of the day, your success is our success. Once you become a part of the MemoryBlock family, we ensure that you are fully equipped with all the skills required to run your business successfully.
All our Franchisees are provided with the following:


set-up and branding

MemoryBlock team will help you to set up your kiosk in the shopping centre, in a professional manner based on our vast experience in the industry. This includes: Machine shipping and installation, Software installation, Kiosk/shop building and fit-out, Display set fit-out, Kiosk cover, setup POS & Hardware installation, and Electronics setup.



We provide a complete training course, including a take-home manual that outlines all the different aspects of running the business. The training includes: Equipment and machinery , working procedures, workflows, maintenance, troubleshoot, Photoshop, Print manager, Retail management, customer service, business management and sales techniques.

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Location Services

MemoryBlock will assist with finding the right location for you based on our market research. This will include detailed demographic profiles, population per area, earnings on the average per area and much more. We will also assist in negotiating the best leasing deals as we have national agreements with the major shopping centres and an extensive network of kiosks already spread around the country.

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Ongoing Operational Support

Our team of professional technicians is here to support you every step of the way with any printing relating matters or technical support needed. In most cases, our technicians can resolve any issues very quickly over a remote desktop, and if needed, a technician will be sent out to the location.


Joining the MemoryBlock team is not only a luctrative business investment, but it is also an investment into you and your family's future. Our current franchisees were all looking for a unique opportunity that allows them to stand out from the crowd and they have found it here with MemoryBlock. The facts are talking for themselves loud and clear - every franchisee that has joined us to-date has ended up opening more than one location!


"An excellent group of professionals who are focused on a win-win approach; a true partnership with a genuine interest in value-based selling.The Memory Block team is always looking to improve both the process and our relationship.”



“Lovely, warm and caring people who will look after you in every possible way – very grateful to come across them on both a business and personal level!”



“We joined Memory Block family because we found a great new concept we had never seen before. We were more than happy to find great management that cares about every aspect of a franchisee’s needs."