FAQ's – Memory Block AU

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What is the difference between Bamboo and Pine?

Both materials are of the same great quality, They print very similar to each other, but slightly different-most people don’t notice a difference at all.The bamboo can be slightly more matte than the pine with very fine grains through the print. They both print up fantastic and are loved by our customers.
The bamboo is slightly thinner. Bamboo is 30 mm deep, Pine is 40mm deep
Most people choose based on what they believe is more attractive.
Some people like the rustic pine others like the sleek, classy bamboo as it has a nice grain through it and side pattern. Bamboo is $9 extra per block.

How long does it take to print? 

In store printing takes approximately 5 minutes per block at non peak times.

How long will shipping take?

Please refer to the delivery and shipping page for our shipping time frames.

 Can I order online and then go in and pick up my order?

Unfortunately we don't offer this service,
Printing in store is very quick and efficient ranging from approximately 5 min per block at non peak times to 1 hour at peek times 

what are our opening hours?

All of our store locations are open in conjunction with their respective shopping center operating hours. Please refer to your chosen shopping centers website for current operating hours.


 I only have pictures on my mobile phone, is this ok?

absolutely, majority of what we do are from peoples mobile phones. We will always inform you via email or phone if the quality of your photo does not work with the size of the block you have chosen.